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About Us

Atenu Developments is a proudly Namibian building contractor,

engaged in the construction of educational, housing, and industrial infrastructure. Our clients include international organizations, government entities and individuals from all over the world. Our group works to monitor performance to ensure quality excellence and to empower local communities through employment.

Our Services

Our scope of work is all-inclusive to provide a turnkey product.


Transforming dreams into homes, our housing projects focus on providing sustainable, comfortable living spaces. We are dedicated to building not just houses but foundations for better lives.

Education Infrastructure

Elevate the learning environment with our expertise in designing and constructing innovative classrooms and educational spaces. We believe in creating spaces that inspire minds and foster a love for learning.

Industrial Infrastructure

Empowering industries through the construction of efficient and sustainable warehouses and factories. Our commitment is to create spaces that enhance productivity, efficiency, and contribute to the growth of businesses.

Why Choose Us

Few Reasons why Should You Choose Us

Projects Completed

Over 33 successful projects completed and counting.

Years of Experience

Bringing over a decade of expertise to every construction endeavor.

Community Impact

More than 3,600 students benefit annually from our education infrastructure projects.

Sustainable Building

Every project incorporates sustainable practices, contributing to environmental responsibility.